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Welcome to Mrs. Dieterich's and Mrs. Hronek's Classes Energy Wiki!
Thank you for visiting our Wiki! Energy is always going to be needed and is a huge environmental and political issue. It will always be needed and it's an important topic to research. See how all of our hard work has payed off on our pages. We hope you learn something new about energy!
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By: Isabella, Chad, Madison,
Niagara falls, a great producer of hydropower. From blogspot.com
and Talya

Hydropower is the energy from water. It is a flow resource meaning we will never run out but we can't control where or when we obtain it. There are three main ways to obtain hydropower--with tides, dams, and waves. When fossil fuels run out... HYDROPOWER WILL BE THE HOPE OF HUMANITY! Click here to learn more about hydropower!

By: Marty, Caden, Adam, Connor

Nuclear energy comes from changes in an atom. It is a nonrenewable resource. There are two ways to create nuclear energy, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission occurs on earth and nuclear fusion occurs on stars. Nuclear energy has been happening since the early 1930’s. Click HERE to go to nuclear energy’s wiki page.
Nuclear Power Plant from Google images
Nuclear Power Plant from Google images

By Claire, Julianna, Talia, and Amin

Solar energy is the energy of the future. Once non-renewable resources run out, solar power will be there to supply energy for the Earth. There is solar energy found everywhere in the world, and there are many different methods of obtaining solar energy. Also, solar energy is a green energy source. The sun will last for billions of years. Click here to read more about solar energy on our wiki page.

By Akshya, James, and Emma
Wind has been around since Earth was created. It is a renewable resource that doesn’t cause pollution or add to Global warming but it also has its down sides. Click here to learn more about wind energy.
A picture of a wind turbine in the future from google images

By Akhilesh, Angela, and Robert
Petroleum has been used for a very long time. It was made from tiny plants and animals from the sea. There are a variety of ways to get oil. In the future there will be many new ways to help obtain and help conserve oil.
Click here to learn more about petroleum energy.
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From www.topnews.net.nz

By: Will, Ella, Matthew, and Lauren
Natural gas is a fossil fuel drilled from the ground that can be used to power many things. It is mostly methane and has some ethane and propane impurities. It also can be burned on stoves to cook food and boil water. Ancient people in the Middle East used it to get salt form salt water. It is most commonly found with petroleum. Natural gas can be obtained by drilling off shore and using a process called hydraulic fracturing which is also called fracking.
Click here to learn more about natural gas.
Natural gas double burner-From Google Images

By Katie, Mitch, Nate and Julia
Geothermal energy is found in the earth's core. The heat from the core heats the mantle. The rock from the mantle creates volcanoes and geysers, sources of geothermal energy. Geothermal energy has been around since the earth started. It is a renewable source of energy. Geothermal energy can be used for many things.
Click here to learn more about geothermal energy.

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By: Cole, Quinn, and Joseph
Coal is a fossil fuel formed by the remains of dead plants. The word coal came from an old English cognate spelled col. It forms from dead plants and energy from the sun. Coal started to form in the Carboniferous period (360-286) million years ago. That period is where today's coal comes from. Coal is a nonrenewable resource of energy. This is why the world must use coal wisely for the time being before it runs out in the next few centuries. It has been used as energy since the early 1800's and it won't last much longer. Click here to learn more about coal.
Anthracite coal. From mii.org.