Wind -- Future Use

The future of wind will continue to grow because there is an unlimited supply of wind on earth. However, the future of wind depends on developing new technologies. Just making larger turbines would not be smart because the heavier the turbine blades the more wind is needed to move the blades. The idea behind all of this is to create lighter stronger materials. Wind energy is an amazing energy to use for electricity and has a very good future ahead of it!

New Wind Technology
  • put wind turbines on top of buildings
  • flying wind turbines

  • floating wind turbines in the sea
-take rafts and send them in the middle of the ocean with wind turbines on the rafts
-no noise,less birds killed and we still get the energy

This is a picture of a floating wind turbine
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This is a picture of a flying wind turbine

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this is a picture of an offshore wind turbine from

Wind turbines are being improved by being made with lighter and 8 times stronger material for turbine blades which will enable larger turbines to capture more amount of wind.

New Wind Turbine Material

  • epoxy resin
  • fiberglass
  • carbon fiber
  • aluminum

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