Wind -- Disadvantages
Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages of wind energy

  • Wind turbines run more than half of the time but not all of the time. In fact, wind turbines are running 18 out of the 24 hours in a day.
  • Wind turbines take up tons of land. Actually, if the people owning the wind farm have 230 feet rotors on the wind turbines, than they need to put the turbines at least 2,300 feet apart. Smaller neighboring wind turbines in a wind farm have to be about 620-920 feet apart.
  • Wind turbines are not always available mechanically. In fact, less than 5% of the time wind turbines are broken down but that means that wind turbines still break down just not often.
  • Wind turbines can mess with the frequency of TV's and radios for people that live nearby turbines.
  • Wind turbines cause a lot of ruckus.
- First, they affect the view of the land the turbine is on.
-Next, the turbine makes a lot of noise.
-Finally, people worry about birds and bats getting injured/ killed from the blades of the turbine. In fact, about 446,000 birds and bats die from wind turbines.
  • Horizontal- axis wind turbines have a heavy gearbox. This is important because the electricity generator (which is mounted on the top of the turbine) holds up the gearbox so the gearbox has to be strong.
  • The wind turbine itself is useless because the generator changes wind into electricity. Without the generator, the wind turbine will just spin. Without the generator, the wind turbine will just spin.
Advantages of wind energy outnumber disadvantages of wind energy by almost double because there’s nothing really wrong to use wind for electricity.

a picture of birds flying into wind turbines from

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