Wind Intro-Formation

Wind energy has been around for a long time. Wind is just air in motion which is caused by uneven heating’s of the earths’ surface.
This is the process of how wind is made
Also when Earth was created so was wind. Another thing is that wind is created by the sun which means that wind will be around as long as the sun shines.The heavy, dense, cool air over the water flows in to take its place, creating wind. Wind is usually at areas where land and water meet and the air (wind) above land is cooler than the air above water. Wind doesn’t blow vertically, it goes horizontally. What causes wind to go horizontally is the rotation of the earth. The amount of air deflection is related to both wind speed and its latitude (where it is located) so strong winds are deflected more than small winds. Mostly, wind is deflected at the following places: the North Pole, the South Pole and states/countries near the equator. Wind plays a huge part in our problem with the nonrenewable energy sources running out because it is free to use and causes no pollution

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Types of wind

  • atmosphere wind is wind that circles the Earth
  • jetstream wind is wind that comes off the ocean the average speed is 87 mph (miles per hour) its highest is 280 mph

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