There are many advantages in using solar power for energy. One advantage is that solar power can be used in remote areas without a reliable source of power. For example, there is a solar-powered radio broadcast in Mali that gives valuable local information, news, health warnings, and details of transportation

A second advantage of solar energy is that the material used to make the most modern solar cells is a very common substance called silicon. In fact, silicon is the second most common substance on Earth.

Solar energy is a renewable resource which means it will never run out. This is true because there will always be a sun. In fact, every 15 minutes, the Earth gets enough energy from the sun to power everybody's electrical needs for a whole year.

Another advantage is that solar energy (or anything that is powered by it) does not pollute the air at all, while 54% of the coal produced pollutes.
Pollution of energy sources by Amin

The last advantage is that solar panels are quick to install and can be left unattended.
solar panels
Solar power is free, has unlimited supplies, and produces no pollution.

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