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Conserve or Not?
In the future hydropower will always be there for energy and may be the solution to energy shortages and declining amounts of fossil fuels. Energy from water is a flow resource because water is replaced by the water cycle (See more on the water cycle on hydropower's intro-formation page.), but we have no control on where or when we get it. There is no need to worry about conserving hydropower, unlike many fossil fuels.

New Technologies
However the future of hydropower depends on developing new technologies. These new technologies will help our humanly advancements.
  • A recently developed technology is hydrogen fuel cells.
1. Hydrogen is separated from the oxygen in water using electrolysis.
2. The hydrogen gas is stored and made into fuel cells.
3. The fuel cells generate electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen.
4. The fuel cells look like batteries. Click here to learn more about hydrogen fuel cells.
5.They can be used to power many things such as...
  • THE WATER POWERED CAR! The vehicles have water engines that have hydrogen cells
    Water Powered Car! From
    Water Powered Car! From
    in them which produce the energy which powers the vehicle. These vehicles are mostly cars and buses and the water engines are most effective in big cities since the cars don’t have diesel engines so they don’t pollute the city.
  • Another new technology is the Ocean Thermal Energy Converter (OTEC). When the water in the ocean is warm a special liquid in the OTEC evaporates. The rising vapor spins a turbine which powers a generator. The generator then makes electricity. Cool water causes the vapor to liquify again and the process starts over.

Other Ideas for the Future
  • A trend for the future is to make smaller scale hydropower plants that can power a single community. These are called micro power plants.
  • More wave farms can be placed in the north-western section of the United States, Canada, Africa, and Australia.
  • Hydropower plants can be added to existing dams--only 2,400 out of 80,000 dams have equiptment.
  • To make a dam rock is blasted out of the ground. This rock can be reused to disguise the dam and plant so that it blends into the surroundings.

When fossil fuels run out...
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