Hydro -- Advantages

Advantages of Hydropower

Made by Isabella and Chad Info from WVIC.com

  • Water is a flow resource so we will never out of energy from it
  • It doesn't release fumes and doesn't burn fuels
  • Hydropower is accounted for 98% of renewable energy
-Biomass 0.5%
-Geothermal 1.6%
-Wind 0.004%
-Solar 0.001%
(see graph: Renewable Energy Production)
  • 70% of earth's surface is water
  • 19% of the world's energy is hydropower
  • The cost of hydropower is 0.85 cents of a cent per kilowatt hour (kWh)
 From Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company
From Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company

  • In 2005 the total amount of electricity generated in the whole world by hydropower was 2,836,739 gigawatt-hours
  • The U.S department of Energy helped reduce fish deaths to 2% in comparison to 5-10% in the past
  • Energy produced in hydropower plants can be stored for later use
  • Systems can last for 50 or more years without any new major investments
This is Horseshoe Falls one of the greatest sources of hydropower. From GoogleImages

A river is being held back by a dam in this picture.From internationalrivers.org

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