What is hydropower?
From greenmotion.org
From greenmotion.org
Hydropower is energy created by the force of moving water. The word hydro originates from the Greek and Latin languages, and means water. Therefore, hydropower means power from water.
Water comes in three states:
1. a solid—as ice
2. a gas—as water vapor
3. a liquid—as water.

Flowing and moving water is powerful enough to create energy.

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H2O From dreamstime.com
H2O From dreamstime.com

H20 = Water?

Water, scientifically reffered to as H2O, is formed when 2 hydrogen (H2) and 1 oxygen (O) molecules are combined.

The Water Cycle

Water goes through a continuous process called the water cycle. This cycle makes hydropow
The Water Cycle From cotf.edu
The Water Cycle From cotf.edu
er an infinite source of energy. The water cycle has three stages--evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.

1.In this cycle the sun warms the water so it evaporates into water vapor.
2.Next, water vapor joins with dust particles in the air and condenses into clouds.
3.Then, when the clouds get too heavy, the water vapor precipitates as rain, sleet, snow, or hail back to Earth.
4.Gravity then forces the water that precipitates to flow from the higher ground to the lower ground, so it moves to the lowest possible point.
5.The cycle repeats.

People have learned to harness the powerful force of moving water, as it flows downward and in other ways. Water has been used to generate power for hundreds of years.

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