Although geothermal energy is renewable, conservation is most desireable.
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(Geothermal energy is renewable because it is replenished by rainfall which is a flow resource saying it will always be on Earth)

1. You can turn down the air conditioning by a few degrees in the summer.
2. You can turn down the heat by a few degrees in the winter.
3. You can wash clothing in colder water instead of warm.
(You might not notice but you are saving heat from the earth)
4. You can return used geothermal water back into the earth.

The Future of Geothermal energy is depending on new technology.

1. Small scale pumps that can fit in backyards powering the house and saving around 1/5 of the money spent on energy.
2. Hot dry rock energy which takes the heat from rocks found all over the planet except on the crust, and turns it into energy.
3. Stronger drills that can dig deeper into the earth so that all geothermal reserviors on the earth are able to be extracted and turned into energy.
Here is a diagram showing a house powering miniature pump.

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