Coal: The Future

Predictions For Coal's Future

  • As long as it exists, coal is predicted to continue to play a vital role in our modern and future world economy. It is currently 90% of our U.S. electricity and it is around one third of world electricity. People think that the world must use coal carefully and wisely for the time being and the time to come. This is because of the fact that coal will only last for the next few centuries. However, coal’s future seems promising through research. If it is used wisely, there will be some time before it runs out. Coal is expected to continue to be one of the most vital resources in the world.

How the World is Using Coal

  • For the time it exists that is. This means that before coal runs out, we will need to have a source to replace it. For the time being though the world is figuring out how to use coal’s remains. By-products of coal like ash are being used to make roads, cement, and animal habitats. Government makes sure that after coal mining takes place, the area used for that mine is restored so it can be used for animal habitats, croplands, and more.

New Coal Technologies
  • There are some people who are coming up with new ways in technology to use coal as an energy source. Coal power plants are making machines called scrubbers to remove sulfur and ash from coal
  • smoke.
    A coal scrubber. From
    There is also a new processing technology used to reduce 0.25% of ash and other dangerous gases and liquids to the environment from coal burning. Additionally, there are experiments being performed to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and global warming produced in the burning of coal. Coal is even being used to try and make other energy sources but this will affect the
    An intergrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC). From
    time coal lasts. Coal is being partially used in the making of thermal energy, natural gas, and hydrogen energy.

Gasification Coal Technologies

  • There are two new gasification technologies of coal. One is an underground coal gasification (UCG). It uses steam and oxygen with coal to turn it to monoxide and hydrogen. There is also a machine called an intergrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC). This machine makes coal energy without burning it. Based on everything that is happening, coal will still play a vital role in the future of the world. Click here to go to

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