Coal Disadvantages

The Time Coal Will Last

  • First of all, coal is a nonrenewable resource and only expected to last for about another two centuries so we won’t be using coal much longer. This causes there to be limited amounts of coal in stock. And, this particular resource takes millions of years to form so o
    Coal power plant From google images
    nly the people of the distant future can use it.

Coal Pollution
  • Second, there is pollution involved with the way coal forms and the ways it is used. If you burn dirty or clean coal it will pollute the air. This polluted air would let out gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxides, sulfuric acids, arsenic, and ash. Some of these gases like CO2 can cause global warming. Plus, gases from coal fired power plants produce acid rain that will harm plants, animals, and soil.

Coal's Money Matter
  • Then there is the money matter of coal. To ship or transport coal, it can be both expensive and extensive. It even costs more to ship it than to mine it.

Mining Accidents
  • There has also been a matter of coal mining accidents through time. In fact, around the world there have been 627 coal mining accidents. Since 1976 there have been sixteen.

  • There are even some diseases that you can catch while coal mining. Two are black lung disease and the most common is coal miner’s disease. There are plenty of advantages to the use of coal as an energy source, but there are also many disadvantages

  • More Infomation About Miner's Disease:

  • Black lung disease: A disease of the lungs that is caused by inhaling coal dust, which in some patients can lead to progressive massive fibrosis of the lungs and severely impaired lung function.

Black Lung Disease
  • it can cause...
    A heart that has suffered black lung disease. From google images.


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