Coal Advantages

Shipping Coal:

  • First of all, coal is easy to transport. Trains, ships, and barges move coal easily to power stations and other places. Coal can also be shipped through pipelines to other places. Coal can also be transferd internationally.

Avaliability of Coal:
  • Second, coal is one of the easiest available choices of energy. It can be used in almost any time of need. To get coal, all you have to do is mine it, unlike oil or natural gas.

Electricity and Energy Coal Produces:
  • Coal is used for almost everything. It provides about one fifth (20.9%) of United States energy. This is mostly because the U.S. mines the most coal in the world at 128.6 billion tons.
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  • Also, the energy of coal burned in the world every day is enough to supply one third of the world's electricity. To add to that, 550 billion tons of coal are mined around the world per year.

  • Coal produces 1/2 of the United States electricity

Cost of Coal:
  • Another advantage to coal is that it is a cheap energy source. The average cost of a short ton of coal is about $33.15.

Coal Industries:
  • The coal industry is larger than most other energy source industries. In addition, the coal industry provides more employment than most other industries.
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Versitility of Coal:
  • Coal can be extracted into a liquid or gas, it is very versitile

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