Intro-Formation By Ella

One type of fossil fuel is natural gas. Natural gas is a mixture of gasses, but its main ingredient is methane. Natural gas is made up of dead plants and animals that lived 300,000,000 years ago, although natural gas was only formed 50 to 100 million years ago. When the plants and animals died, they sank to the bottom of the ocean. After many years passed, sedimentary rock formed above the dead plants and animals into multiple layers from sand and sediment. There was so much heat and pressure on the dead plants and animals that they turned into natural gas and petroleum.

Natural gas's main ingredient is methane, but it also contains ethane. Did you know that methane has no color, odor or smell? People mix a chemical
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that has an odor into the methane so that the people using it can tell if it leaks.

Natural gas is a nonrenewable resource because it would take millions of years to replace what the world uses. After natural gas is formed it has a long history...

Source: U.S. Energy Information Assosiation (Public Domian)

Natural Gas From

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