Wind -- Obtaining the Resource

Wind can be obtained in one way, but that one way has 2 different models. The 2 models are horizontal wind turbines and vertical wind turbines. The basic parts are the blades, shafts gears a generator and a cable. However some wind turbines don’t have a gearbox. To produce energy all of the parts have to work together. The amount of electricity produced depends on the size of the wind turbine and the speed of the wind. A small wind turbine can power up to 1 home while a large wind turbine can power up to 1,000 homes. Wind turbines run 18 out of 24 hours every day so they produce electricity ¾ of the day. They work because they slow down the speed of wind. Today’s wind turbines blades capture kinetic energy. Wind farms have turbines built in rows facing the prevailing wind. When the turbines are too far apart they waste space, but when they’re too close they block each other’s wind. Therefore wind turbines have helped us very much.
  1. wind pushes agianst blades making them spin
  2. The shaft turns and produces energy
  3. energy runs through cables and powers anything you need it to

Here are some pictures of wind turbines:

wind turbine at Case Western Reserve
a picture of vertical wind turbine. From
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A picture of a wind farm from
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Wind energy is located all over the world but to generate wind to electricity, people around the turbine have to have an average 11 miles per hour (mph) wind. Wind is notably in United States, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, and India. All of the continents in the world have wind energy. Africa has 9 countries that use wind energy, Latin America (also known as South America) has more than 12 countries that use wind energy. North America only has 2 countries that use wind power , Asia has 18 countries that use wind for electricity. Australia/Pacific has 3 countries that wind generates some of their electricity and Europe has 32 countries that use wind to generate some of their electricity. California has the 2nd greatest amount of wind turbines in the United States. Denmark has about 3700 wind turbines which is the highest any state in the United States has. Wind farms are usually at open plains, mountain passes, hill tops, or near coasts of oceans/large lakes. Off shore wind farms are usually at shallow waters off the coast of major lakes and oceans. The first off shore wind farm in the United States that was off the coast of Massachusetts was approved just recently in April of the year of 2011. Wind energy is located all over the world (some are now floating in the water so in a
couple of years, people on cruises will have a little bit more electricity because of wind energy). To sum it up, people may have wind energy, but they can’t use it because they need a specific mph wind.

The states the united states that use wind energy are listed from greatest to least:

  1. North Dakota
  2. Texas
  3. Kansas
  4. South Dakota
  5. Montana
  6. Nebraska
  7. Wyoming
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Minnesota
  10. Iowa

Here is a pie graph for the use of wind energy in the world

A pie graph by James
From google images

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