The History of Hydropower
12 A.D
  • Greeks used water wheels to grind grains.
62 A.D
  • The first steam engine prototype was invented by the Greeks.
299 A.D
  • A hydraulis was invented.
  • A hydraulis a water powered instrument.
  • It was made in Ancient Rome.
300 A.D
  • Berbegal mill was the largest flour mills in France.
  • The mill was powered by a waterwheel!
  • It fed 12,500 people.
  • The first working model of the steam engine that the Greeks invented was built.
  • Thomas Newcomen improved the steam engine.
  • He changed it so it used the atmospheric principle.
  • Hydrogen was first detected by a British scientist named Henry Cavendish.
  • Henry detected that hydrogen was made of 2 hydrogen cells and 1 oxygen cell.
  • The steam engine was improved again by James Watt.
  • He changed it so that it had a crank and fly wheel which allowed it to have a rotating motion.
  • Water wheels were used to power machinery
  • Two people named Nicholson and Carlisle found out how to separate hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis.
  • A German scientist named Christian Schonbein combined hydrogen and oxygen to create electric current and producing water.
  • The first hydroelectric plant was built at Niagara Falls.
  • The water turbine was invented.
  • The water turbine is a VERY important part to hydroelectric dams today.
  • The steam turbine was invented.
  • The steam turbine wasn’t even used to create electricity until the late 1800’s
  • 36% of power generated in the United States was hydroelectric.
  • Most of the best hydroelectric sites were developed in the United States.
  • During these times fossil fuels became popular and they were much cheaper than hydropower.
  • People were finding new ways to harvest water’s power
  • The first tidal power plant was built in France
  • The cost of fossil fuels raised
  • The construction of hydropower dams slowed considerably.
  • People got power from waves with the first wave device.
This is a waterwheel from google images
This is a waterwheel from google images

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From Google images
From Google images

A steam engine from Google images
A steam engine from Google images

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